At the Sept 14th 2016 Member meeting, NCA President Rod Cullum announced a new complementary membership benefit: NCA members can have up to 6 images on the new NCA website for the rest of this year.
If you would like to share your images on the new NCA website ( - the website is cloud-hosted to enable unlimited number of visitors), please contact me, and send in the images according to the specs at the end of this email. If the images are in before Sept 30th, they will be in the Gallery section of the website by Oct 15.

Please also send a short bio (less than 2500 words) and your website URL if you have a website. These will be posted along with the images.

A watermark label will appear on each image on the website or when downloaded to discourage use without permission.

Clik on the link below to see an example member page in the NCA website:

Clicking on an image will show medium size, clicking again will show large size.
Next year, NCA will offer 6 free images, $20 for up to 20 images, and $40 for upto 60 images. This is a much lower rate that what online gallery is charging for artist websites starting at $120/year for up to 25 images.
The collective benefits is huge as potential collectors would be able to search the gallery by subject, i.e. Yosemite, Tahoe, Carmel, Sierra Nevada, landscapes, portraits, flowers, animals, etc.
The gallery will significantly attracts new visitors from web search as search engines will see these member images from indexing images' names.
On the new website, you will see 2 slide shows (Right hand side column). The first  shows the current BOLD X images. Clicking on the slide show will take you to the 118 images. The 2nd slideshow may be used for sponsored images from members (Pricing and info will be announced). We may add more slideshows in the future.


Please rename the image to include as much information as you like around 400 characters or less, for example: title, date, subjects, techniques, size, medium, your name. NCA website allows more than 500 characters for file name, but PC and MAC has lower limits.

Image name can include space, number, dash, comma, and $ sign.
The following characters cannot be used: \ / : * ? " < > |

For example, this is an example of a very long file name of 420 characters on the NCA website:

The file name for the previous image is:

Spirits of Last Sequoias, climate change, cathedral peak, cathedral lake, milky way, wilderness, yosemite, starry night, mother of forest, grizzly giant, sierra nevada, summer night, pacific crest trail, blue hue, phi ratio placement, phi spiral design, fibonacci design, durer pentagon-hexagon, acrylics on watercolor paper, interference, metallic, large painting, size 108x52 inches, 2016, private collection, iyaw kis.jpg

2. FORMAT: Jpeg (JPG) format is best. Gif and PNG is ok.

3. SIZE: 500k to 1 Megabytes for each image is best, but not too much bigger.


On Windows (PCs), the software Paint can resize as in the link below:

On Mac, see the links below: